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SPARQLWrapper SPARQL Endpoint interface to Python (1.8.5)

This is a wrapper around a SPARQL service. It helps in creating the query URI and, possibly, convert the result into a more manageable format. The package is licensed under W3C license, and it can be downloaded in .zip and .tar.gz formats from GitHub, also from PyPi or from Debian, and eventually from SourceForge where was previously hosted.

Download SPARQL Endpoint interface to Python

The RDFLib package is used for RDF parsing.

Developers involved:

Here you have examples of how to use the library in your python program:

SELECT query ASK query CONSTRUCT query DESCRIBE query

You can also read online documentation on readthedocs (latest release, development or previous versions) for more information, or contact us at the rdflib-dev; the archives from the old mailing list are still available. And please, report any issue to github.