RDFLib is a pure Python package work working with RDF. RDFLib contains most things you need to work with RDF, including:

RDFlib Family of packages

The RDFlib community maintains many RDF-related Python code repositories with different purposes. Most of the currently operating packages are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Packages within the RDFlib family.

Please see the list of all packages here:


See https://rdflib.readthedocs.io for our documentation built from the code.


For general “how do I…” queries, please use https://stackoverflow.com and tag your question with rdflib. Existing questions:


rdflib 5.0.0 has just been released and 6.0.0 is now being word on - April 2020.

Release Date Note
6.0.0 29 Jun 2020 (expected) This will include major breaking changes such as no support for Python 2 or 3.4, Python 3.5+ only
5.0.0 18 Apr 2020 Current stable release.
Release of master contents as of 18 Apr 2020
Last release with Python 2 & 3.4 support
Documentation: readthedocs/latest
5.0.0RC1 04 Apr 2020 This was a pre-release of all changes in master as of 04 Apr 2020
4.2.2 30 Jan 2017 Previous stable release.
Documentation: readthedocs/4.2.2
1.1.1 12 Nov 2002 First release!


rdflib survives and grows via user contributions! Please consider lodging Pull Requests here:

You can also raise issues here:


If you want to contact the rdflib maintainers, please do so via the rdflib-dev mailing list: